What type of project is this?

I have a mango is a project to think, educate and act for development and sustainability.
This project is a 9 month long program funded by The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (LNU) and the Norwegian Peace Corp and will last from August 2011 to May 2012.
The project team will consist of 4 (2+2) participants in the age of 20-27,5 years from Norway and Colombia. This team will work together through out the whole project.

Why this project?

CISV International is an organization of volunteers, using peace education as a base in its programs to form active global citizens. This project will strengthen both organizations, through an exchange of knowledge and best practices, but it aims to have an impact beyond our own volunteers, on the communities in which we live.

CISV International has designated 2012 as the thematic year for Sustainable Development, one of the organization’s four focus areas.  Therefore, this project will revolve around this topic, to connect it to CISV International’s activities in a broader way.

In CISV Sustainable Development is to look for integrated ways to promote economic and social well-being, while protecting the environment through the responsible use of natural resources.

The Norwegian and Colombian participants will construct a common basis for the use of the concept “Sustainable Development”, parting from previous explorations that they will have made in their respective countries. What does sustainable development mean in Norway? What does sustainable development mean in Colombia? How can sustainable development be applied to CISV’s educational processes?
The participants will, parting from the results of the diagnosis and the proposals made, identify possible local partner organizations that work with sustainable development and education, with which CISV Norway and Colombia respectively can develop activities.

An important part of the project will also to strengthen the organizations focusing on How to strengthen the Youth Empowerment in CISV Norway and How to develop strong working relationships with like-minded organizations in Colombia.

1.1         Long-term aims (development goals)

  1. To develop a stronger network and best-practices between CISV Norway and CISV Colombia
  2. To strengthen the knowledge about and the quality of peace education, with focus on Sustainable Development, to promote economic and social well-being, while protecting the environment through the responsible use of natural resources.
  3. To develop new methodologies to work with sustainable development in peace education with children and young people
  4. To have a sustainable impact on CISV’s activities and programs locally, nationally and internationally.

1.2         Interim aims (project objectives)

  1. Interchange methodologies and knowledge for a common construction of sustainable development
  2. Identify practices and carry out a diagnosis on sustainable development in CISV Norway, CISV Colombia and CISV International.
  3. Identify possible partner organizations and ways of developing activities together with them.
  4. Have an impact in the local communities through activities with other organizations that will increase the attitudes, skills and knowledge about Sustainable Development as a common North-South issue.
  5. Create awareness on sustainable development and a will to work with this issue among the volunteers of our organizations.
  6. Share the products from the project and the lessons learned with the wider CISV International community.