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CISV Norway - CISV ColombiaAmong friends we are “the Mangos”: a group consisting of two Colombians and two Norwegians working with sustainable development and youth empowerment. Our project seeks to show the diversity within the field of sustainable development and to inspire you to act for sustainability in your local community.

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Mango: over and out?

Dear faithful Mango-followers, the project “I have a Mango – a project to think, educate and act towards sustainable development” has now just a few days left. In practice this means that me and Kamilla (here in Colombia called “las Noruegas”) are leaving this magnificent country too soon:( but also it means that we get to look back on a wonderful experience. So, what on earth did we do? Ask any Mango participant, and they will respond: what on earth did we NOT do!? Here comes a short summery of what we have been occupied with from august to may:

Workshops in 11 different chapters in Norway. Topic: damn consumerism!

Meetings with external researchers, institutes, like-minded organizations (see external resources) and other fantastically commited individuals

The CISV Lunchbox! View here

Leader trainings in Bergen, Oslo, Bogotá and Medellín

Staffing and/or giving workshops in close to everything arranged in CISV Norway the fall of 2011 (kick-off seminar, NEO, Fall Meeting, etc)

Verden i Bergen/The world in Bergen project

Workshop, CISV promotion & fair in Baranquilla: “The charms of the backyard”

Content staff at Andinos in Ecuador

La Hora del Planeta/Earth Hour – CISV Colombia

RTF’s: TTT and ARC – Regional Training Forum and Americas Regional Conference (Incl. Common session about Sustainable development)

Tematic movie nights, attending lectures at the university of Oslo & participated in debates arranged by LAG (Latin-America Group)

2 Mosaic projects together with Fundación Conconcreto in Medellín

Parent’s Minicamp in Bogotá

Managing this blog, updating it averagely 2-3 times per week

Photo exhibition – Closura del Proyecto Mango. View invitation here

Creating external resources for everyone who wants to take it further with Sustainable development! View the resources here

General tasks on our “done list”:

Managing budget and accounting, all sorts of practicalities, keeping ourselves updated on sustainable development around the world, general information work, internal and external communication, meetings “opp og i mente” (esto significa un montón de reuniones), reading, writing articles, promoting CISV, etc etc.

We did a little sum up and roughly speaking the people that have met and that have hopefully somehow been influenced by one or several Mangos are: 1.215 people!

Still to come we have evaluations in Colombia and with LNU in Norway, a conference at the house of Literature in Oslo (together with SUM – Center for Development and the Environment), keep the blog running during the summer (so please keep it at your “favourites”!) and dont forget to keep your eyes open for the next group – Human Direction – working on the next focus area in CISV for 2013: Human Rights!

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